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Curbside Pick-up

Home Delivery


From the moment you step foot into The Little Store, you’re in for a treat. The wooden floors, the small shopping carts, a big-city selection of products and parking three feet from the door, make the experience of buying food quite satisfying. But there’s a special feeling about the store because it’s member owned and responsive to the neighborhood. Store decisions are made by the people who support and patronize it.

Walking through the aisles, you’ll notice many local products. The Regent Market Co-op is proud of its selection of local foods that are both healthy for people and their families and keep the local businesses alive and well. John Wendt, the store’s manager, always keeps an eye out for local cheese and dairy products. As far as the meat department goes, no one can beat the RMC home-made brats or the two-inch thick cuts of pork chops. And if you have a hankering for a veggie brat, RMC offers those too. But what’s most impressive about The Little Store is that it likes to boast that it has almost every product you need squeezed into its modest space with no big-store hassles. Its fresh veggie and fruit sections sit comfortably in the middle of The Little Store and offer seasonal vegetable and fruits whenever John or Bill can get their hands on them from the local vendors.

And for the home-bound or the just-can’t-get-out-of-the-house folks, RMC offers home delivery with a smile. But, most of all, shopping the Regent Market Coop offers a sense of community and with neighborly conversations going on—those warm elements missing from so many other shopping experiences.


Cheese and Dairy

Meat Department


Beer, Wine & Liquor



Call ahead or email us with your order.  We will get your order together for you and hand it off out front. If you have a cell phone, please call the store at 608-233-4329 to let us know when you arrive. If you are unable to call from your car, please let the person taking your order know the time frame you will be at the store.


For home deliveries a $3 delivery charge will be added to cover drivers’ gas. If you wish to leave a tip as well, we can add that on your credit card payment for you. Our staff or board volunteers will leave the groceries on the porch or wherever you tell us on the phone call. We will avoid physical contact and you do not need to come out until we’re gone.

  • Home Delivery Monday-Friday only
  • Call before 3pm for same day service
  • We will deliver within a 2-3 mile radius around the store. Exceptions will be made if possible.


Two ordering options:

  1. Order by phone at 608-233-4329
    • Pay via credit/debit card or your prepaid account with the store
  2. Order by email at 


Two payment options:

  1. Pay over the phone with credit or debit card
  2. Pay with your declining balance prepaid account with the store, and we can deduct your purchase from that.  If you are a member and would like to set up an account, we can help do that over the phone as well.   If you want to become a member immediately, it’s $25 per year or $125 for a lifetime membership. That cost can be added to your first order.

Some of these things will be subject to change as things evolve and our systems improve.

Most of all thank you all for your support and STAY HEALTHY!!!


Although RMC does not have a parking lot, there are plenty of options for free 2-hour parking.

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Our bakery section offers baked goods from several fine, local bakers: Clasen’s, Troubadour, and Origin. And Madison Sourdough Bread is delivered daily. Fresh baked sweets from Feed Bakery are delivered Monday mornings. There is a variety of breads, cereals, pies, cookies, and seasonal delicacies. There is an amazing, large-store selection on the shelves of The Little Store!

Cheese and Dairy

Represented in our coolers are some of the best dairies in Wisconsin: Swiss Valley, Sassy Cow, Organic Valley, and Prairie Farms. You’ll find locally produced Bountiful Bean tofu and hummus, and Bunky’s hummus, falafel, and baba ganoush. We have eggs from three different Wisconsin farms: conventional eggs from Bahler Farm and organic eggs from New Century and Prairie Bluff. We are proud of our friendship with these dairy farmers and proud to offer you their fresh, fine products. Check out our cheese case for the great brie, gruyere, parmesan, and goat cheeses you’ll find there. We have it all, from 10-year-old cheddar to just-made mozzarella. We are pleased to represent such skilled cheesmakers as Cedar Grove, Hook’s, Vern’s and Schullsburg.

Meat Department

In this age of prepackaging, how often do you find a friendly, helpful person behind the counter to help you select your meats? Well, RMC has that friendly person: Bill Stoneking. We take pride in our Meat Department. We offer meat from Wisconsin Meadows Grass-fed Beef Cooperative. For a healthy, fast meal, whole chickens are rotisserie roasted daily. And we make the famous Regent Market Bratwursts right in the store. They come in several varieties: Tuscan Chicken, Spinach Feta, Italian, Beer Brat, as well as our traditional brats. Of course, behind the meat counter is someone waiting to help you with exactly what and how much you want.


We go out of our way to connect with local farmers to provide you with fresh vegetables. Our principal distributor of local, organic produce is Robert Pierce, owner of Half the Acres Farm and a mainstay in the movement toward sustainable local food systems. We also work with Meadow View, New Traditions, and Xiong Tasty Produce. We are grateful to all those from nearby small farms and orchards who stop in personally to supply us with their fresh seasonal produce.

Beer, Wine & Liquor

The majority of our options come from Wisconsin breweries, including Capital Brewery, Lake Louie, New Glarus, Ale Asylum, Working Draft, Karben4, Brewing Project, Central Waters, and Leinenkugel.

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