At RMC, our members matter because our community matters. We take pride in being the “cornerstone” of the Regent neighborhood and business district. We serve the people and community that the co-op was founded from. Besides becoming a partial owner of the co-op with your membership, you will be able to reap some special benefits including:

  • Pay 10% less than non-members at the checkout
  • Order items in bulk or by the case at further discounted prices
  • Write checks for up to $20 over the purchase amount
  • Request new or even old items to be sold in the co-op
  • Sign up to receive the weekly Regent Market Cooperative E-Newsletter (RMC eNews) containing information on specials, co-op news and events in the neighborhood
  • Share your thoughts and ideas on improving the co-op
  • Serve on one of the many committees (marketing, finance, volunteer or building improvements) that help steer the coop towards success
  • Serve on the Board of Directors
  • Use your membership card at other co-ops throughout Madison and the country

Are you interested in becoming a member? We have the following options available:

  • Annual Membership (per household)- $25 per year
  • Full Membership (per household) – $125 one-time payment

Stop in the store or give us a call at 608-233-4329 to sign up and make payment.

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