June 1, 2020

Hello Member Owners and Patrons of RMC,

First off, please let us thank you all for your continued support through this pandemic. We are nothing without all of you. Today I am writing to update you all on our next phase of this thing we have all been going through. As you know we closed our doors to public shopping and shifted to curbside and delivery on March 26th for the safety of you and our employees. The state has been starting to slowly reopen. As of June 1st, we are now offering in store shopping again with a few limitations…

First, if you are still not comfortable coming in, we are still offering our curbside and delivery services. We are actually about to roll out a new delivery app soon! There will be more on this to come soon.

As for the limitations, we ask that you respect social distancing and keep at least 6ft away from all other people. We ask for you to please wear a mask when in the store. If you do not have one, we will offer you a free one at the door. We will also have plenty of hand sanitizer to kill hand germs while shopping. Because of our store’s small size, we are currently only allowing 5 shoppers in the Co-op at one time. Making your shopping trip a bit speedier than normal if possible will insure everyone is able to shop. We will be cleaning surfaces as much as possible throughout the day to keep the store environment as safe as possible.

Our new adjusted hours are 9am-8pm, 7 days a week.

-For home deliveries we ask for orders to be $25 or more, and a $2 delivery charge will be added to cover drivers’ gas. If you wish to leave a tip as well, we can add that on your credit card payment for you. Our staff or board volunteers will leave the groceries on the porch or wherever you tell us on the phone call. (We will avoid physical contact and you do not need to come out until we’re gone.)

-Curbside will be handled the same way for ordering and payment. We will get your order together for you and hand it off out front. If you have a cell phone, please call the store at 608-233-4329 to let us know you are here. If you are unable to call the store, please let the person taking your order know the time frame you will be at the store.

Some of these things will be subject to change as things evolve and our systems improve.

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