Message to Regent Market Co-op members and customers:


When ordering provide your name, a phone number we can reach you, and your address if choosing home delivery.

Two ordering options:

  • Order by phone at 608-233-4329 (everyday)
    • We have been experiencing an increase in our calls so we might take your name and number and call you back shortly
    • Pay via credit/debit card or your prepaid account with the store
  • Order by email at (Monday – Friday only)
    • Email us between 9am-3pm (Mon-Fri only)
    • We cannot accept credit or debit card payment via email
    • Must pay from with prepaid account


Two payment options:

  • Pay over the phone with credit or debit card
  • Pay with your declining balance prepaid account with the store, and we can deduct your purchase from that.  If you are a member and would like to set up an account, we can help do that over the phone as well.   If you want to become a member immediately, it’s $25 per year or $125 for a lifetime membership. That cost can be added to your first order.

Some of these things will be subject to change as things evolve and our systems improve.

Most of all thank you all for your support and STAY HEALTHY!!!

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